Tuesday, April 18, 2017

It's Alive! (The blog, that is...)

I finally decided to revive this blog again after 5 years. Actually, I was considering to revive the weebly site but figured I am more familiar with Blogspot since I am personally using this one as well.

Woww... It's been 7 years since I took a leap of faith to follow my passion for doing social events. I posted an ad on Sulit.com and  landed my first paid wedding event -- super lucky that my Superfriend Jee got onboard as well. Things really started to fall into place after. 

Partners Tets & Jee

I initially named the group as 4G (not the herbal medicine thought), because my Catholic organization Singles for Christ abbreviates those letters to mean God's Greatest Gorgeous Gift. To me, the business was all that. 

Four more weddings, and we were officially known as '4Leaf Events and Beyond.' What's in the name? Well, at that time, I met 2 more angels (miss you Chel and Ruby) who are very gifted stylist and organizers, and us four became partners who embodied the clover's meaning. :)

Jess + Nikki (November 6, 2010) and the ladies of 4Leaf

Many years followed, and we are grateful for the opportunities that God gave us, with couples who trusted us, and a reliable team to back this dream up. Fast forward to today, we still dream of growing bigger and making other couple's dream come to life. We want to do more than just weddings and we are ready to do that.

This 2017, we want to become more proactive in documenting memories after memories. We want to grab all opportunities that come our way. We will remain true to what a four leaf clover does -- bringing faith, hope, love, and luck to those who find it.

To more blogs and dreams conquered, so help us God. 


To our readers and followers, here's one inspirational quote that is true for me. 

May all our dreams come true.